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About Us

Milt's BBQ for the Perplexed is the place in Lakeview for an elegantly casual meal, whether you are 8 or 80. Moreover, it is a gathering place, a community center without the pool, a part of the growing vitality of Lakeview. From our high quality meats smoked on-site, to our exemplary service, we aim to ensure that your visit is more than just a meal. Serving lunch and dinner, Milt's is the only kosher restaurant (under cRc supervision) in Lakeview.

Serving only the highest quality kosher meats, Milt's assures a delectable experience. From our on-site smoked meats to our vegetarian options, you will be tempted by a variety of mouth-watering choices.

* Kosher food is prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary laws.

Milt's is committed to serving the community. Pulled chicken sandwich, fries, and a soda?? you may ask. Yes, there's that, but our commitment extends beyond BBQ. 100% OF ALL PROFITS will be donated to local charities.